Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald

Del Mar resident Scott MacDonald has donated $400,000 to endow a scholarship program at the University of San Diego.

The first four students are scheduled to receive their scholarships this fall. The first-year students will receive $5,000 every year for four years.

In exchange, recipients will participate in the Community Awareness and Social Action (CASA) leadership program and volunteer 280 hours of community service each year. A new cohort of four MacDonald Community Scholars will join the program in their freshman year in 2018 and succeeding years.

The Scott MacDonald Community Scholarship Program will be part of the Karen and Tom Mulvaney Center for Community Awareness and Social Action (aka CASA) at the university.

“Years ago, I was able to work my way through Indiana University,” MacDonald said in a statement issued by the university. “I worked in a factory and would also work through my vacations. Eventually, I graduated from college with very little debt. Today, students from backgrounds similar to mine would have a very difficult time working their way through college the way I did without a great deal of support.”

MacDonald’s 40-year career in the real estate industry included time at the helm of Investa Property Group, one of Australia’s largest and most recognized commercial real estate companies.

MacDonald has funded similar programs at Indiana University, Bloomington; the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Davidson College; and the University of Michigan.

Undergraduate tuition for the upcoming academic year at the University of San Diego is $47,100. Housing, meals, health insurance and other fees can bring that figure up to $62,400.