San Diego doesn’t have as far to go as the rest of the country to close the gender pay gap, according to organizers of a campaign aimed at bringing attention to pay disparities between men and women.

The city itself has a 14 percent gap, defined as how much less women earn than men based on U.S. Census data compiled and reported by LeanIn.Org.

It said that across San Diego County, the average gap is slightly smaller: 13 percent.

Nationwide, the average was estimated at 20 percent, while California’s average was pegged at 14 percent.

LeanIn says the gap is wider for minorities: Black women are paid 37 percent less, and Hispanic women are paid 46 percent less. Corresponding local percentages were not available.

“Equal pay is essential to the goal of gender equality,” LeanIn founder Sheryl Sandberg, COO of social media website Facebook, said in a news release. “This issue speaks to how we value women’s labor, knowledge, time, training and so much more.”

Companies including LUNA, Lyft, P&G and Salesforce are offering discounts and special offers in support of LeanIn’s campaign, which makes use of the social media hashtag #20PercentCounts.