San Diego biotech CardioCell LLC has retained Objective Capital Partners, an investment bank and mergers and acquisitions advisory firm, to help the company “manage growth,” the company said in a statement.

CardioCell, founded in 2013, is currently planning a late-stage, phase 3 clinical trial for its lead program, and is primed for an “accelerated growth cycle.”

"CardioCell has just become the first company to demonstrate positive results using intravenously delivered mesenchymal stem cells to treat heart failure, and it's a perfect match for Objective Capital's portfolio of potential market disrupters in the life science space,” said David Crean, managing director of the life science practice at Objective Capital Partners. “We are pleased to help take CardioCell's innovative biotechnology to the next level.”

CardioCell is a subsidiary of Stemedica Cell Technologies Inc., a global biotech that makes adult allogeneic stem cells. CardioCell has an exclusive, worldwide license from Stemedica to explore therapeutic indications for unmet cardiovascular needs, such as acute myocardial infarction, chronic heart failure and peripheral artery disease.