A big name in higher education is getting into a hot, business-oriented space: coding boot camps.

UC San Diego Extension announced plans to offer a coding boot camp in its University City space beginning in January. Program leaders hold out the prospect of becoming a web developer in the space of 24 weeks.

It is a first for the university.

University officials plan to cover a lot of ground, including coding and data structure fundamentals, HTML, cascading style sheets, JavaScript, Node.js, jQuery, Java, MongoDB, MySQL, database theory and more — in short, “all the skills [students] need to develop dynamic end-to-end web applications.” A student should come into the program with some basic knowledge of coding, the university said.

The cost of the program is $9,500. It is typical for boot camps to charge five figures.

The part-time program, with classes in the evenings and on Saturdays, will accommodate people holding down jobs, the university said.

Trilogy Education Services, which works with several universities, is UC San Diego’s partner in offering the program.

Information is available at CodingBootCamp.extension.ucsd.edu.

Several private businesses already offer coding boot camps in the region.