Carlsbad golf equipment maker Callaway Golf Co. said on May 26 that it has invested in Junior.Golf, a technology business based in Austin, Texas.

The amount of the investment was not disclosed. Callaway (NYSE: ELY) said it is a minority shareholder and that it will be the official golf equipment supplier to the business.

Callaway describes Junior.Golf as “an easy-to-use digital platform that gives golf facilities the tools and processes to engage parents and their children. …

“Through Junior.Golf, golf facilities can access a single platform for managing multiple areas of their business including the player database, programming and content as well as marketing communication. To make learning fun, junior golfers now have a gamified experience that tracks their stats.” The software also has features geared toward parents.

“Junior.Golf is a unique, up-and-coming company that utilizes technology to introduce kids to the great game of golf,” Callaway CEO Chip Brewer said in a prepared statement. “It’s not only a smart business, it is a strong grow-the-game initiative.”

Jason Black is CEO of Junior.Golf.