More than a dozen business, trade and economic development organizations representing interests along the U.S.-Mexico border met to discuss strengthening border ties and realizing the economic promise of the border region, according to a news release from the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The meeting was organized by the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, The Borderplex Alliance and Mannatt Jones Global Strategies.

“Deliberate and sustained regional collaboration will allow us to take advantage of the diverse assets our areas offer and put the border on the map for investors in a way that our individual regions cannot do alone,” said Rolando Pablos, chief executive officer of The Borderplex Alliance, in the news release.

“In order to secure our place at the top of the world’s list of best investments, the U.S.-Mexico border needs united leadership, working together to address the unique needs of our region in order to attract high-quality investments that bring more jobs to our communities. Our collaboration will strengthen our global competitiveness.”