San Diego-based Biocept Inc., a company making liquid biopsies to improve the detection and treatment of cancer, inked a deal with preferred provider organization (PPO) network FedMed.

Maryland-based FedMed operates a PPO including 550,000 physicians, 4,000 hospitals and 60,000 ancillary care providers nationwide. More than 40 million Americans currently have access to FedMed's National Provider Network. Under the terms of the agreement, FedMed members now have access to Biocept’s proprietary Target Selector liquid biopsy testing.

"Our highly sensitive and highly specific assays that can profile cancer-associated biomarkers from a blood sample demonstrate a clear advancement in the move to precision medicine," said Biocept's president and CEO, Michael Nall, in a statement. "Detecting the presence of these cancer-associated biomarkers can assist and guide physicians in making personalized treatment decisions for their patients with cancer in order to positively impact outcomes."

The Target Selector tests may provide information that was previously unavailable due to inadequate tissue samples, according to a Biocept news release.

“These patients are often too sick to obtain the necessary tissue using a surgical biopsy method," said Amy McNeal, Biocept's senior director of strategic reimbursement. "In addition, liquid biopsy testing allows physicians to monitor response to treatment as well as progression of disease from a simple blood draw."