Cubic Corp. said on Feb. 29 that it received a series of contracts collectively worth $3.7 million to improve the U.S. Marine Corps’ battle simulation system.

Specifically, Cubic Global Defense will integrate new weapons into the Squad Immersive Training Environment, called SITE for short.

The Marines are the corporation’s first customer to field what it calls geo-pairing technology for non-line-of-sight weapons. Geo-pairing provides the relative position between a shooter and a target and pairs the two without using lasers.

Cubic will provide new simulator weapons, such as the surrogate TOW missiles (tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided anti-tank guided missiles) and MK-19 grenade launchers.

SITE lets Marines perfect their skills at calling in artillery fire. “The system calculates ballistics and transmits a kill message to those within the impact zone,” Cubic said in a statement. “This not only provides more realistic training, but also brings artillerymen into training exercises, allowing them to run through the targeting and firing process all the way through to pulling the lanyard.”

SITE works together with the Marines’ laser-based Instrumented-Tactical Engagement Simulation System, called I-TESS II.