San Diego County Credit Union, the largest locally owned credit union in the county, recently launched a mobile application called SDCCU Wallet that allows customers with iPhones to get cash from SDCCU ATMs without their debit card.

To take out cash, customers can set up a withdrawal on their smartphone, tap a button on the ATM screen and scan a QR code with the app.

Developing the app was intended to save customers time, the credit union said in a statement Wednesday.

The app also lets customers access deals and coupons offered by the credit union, such as chances to earn cash back when dining out.

The credit union worked with CU Wallet, a developer of mobile wallet technology, on the new app.

Previously, SCDDU has launched other products that leverage technology, such as chip-enhanced credit cards and the option to deposit money from a mobile device.

The credit union, which has customers in San Diego, Riverside and Orange counties, manages assets of $7.7 billion. More than 333,000 customers bank with the financial institution, which has 40 branch locations and 30,000 ATMs.