La Jolla’s tech startup Edico Genome Inc. has landed a partnership with Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon that offers a suite of cloud computing services.

The partnership will allow Edico’s Dragen software to be available on Amazon’s virtual servers, helping the company to ramp up processing power. This allows customers to analyze a genome quickly, harnessing the power of Amazon’s servers so they can forgo physical hardware taking up floorspace.

“Dragen customers appreciate that Edico continues to break new ground to make genomic analysis as rapid as technology allows,” said Pieter van Rooyen, CEO of Edico, in a statement.

Specifically, the company is using Amazon’s new “Field Programmable Gate Array-based” instances (virtual servers). Van Rooyen said this would allow Dragen to “analyze whole genomes in almost real time.” This is unprecedented, van Rooyen said, and would be a world first.

This is the latest of several partnerships the local startup has forged with giants in the technology industry. Edico has a deal with Intel Corp. to integrate the Dragen platform with Intel processors, and this summer Edico inked a deal with IBM to make Dragen available on one of IBM’s high-performance computing servers.