Portable Genomics, a digital health company working on a mobile app to view personal genomic data, has received approval for a patent vital to the company’s app development, the company announced Wednesday.

The patent is for the “organization, visualization and utilization” of genomic data on digital devices. The company believes that the allowance of this patent protects Portable Genomics' forthcoming consumer-based app and technology platform.

Covered by the patent is the use of a graphical user interface for displaying and accessing genomic information on a mobile device. The company said the app will mimic the visual simplicity and convenience of digital music applications commonly used on electronic devices.

“The patent allowance announced today protects our proprietary platform and establishes a new standard for the visualization of genomic data on mobile and other digital devices, drawing on a familiar format widely used in the digital media industry, including iTunes among many others," said Patrick Merel, founder of Portable Genomics, in a statement. “We believe our proprietary consumer-based interface will enable patients to have greater control over their genomic and other medical data at a time of rapid advancements in personalized medicine, and will prove valuable to patient advocacy groups and pharmaceutical companies seeking aggregated data for the purpose of discovering valuable new targeted therapies.”

Additional claims of the patent include the use of a carousel-based user interface for genomic data display on computers or portable devices, the use of scrollable thumbnail images to display and easily access phenotypic traits and other data, and the use of colored tags to rapidly signify the relative importance of the data being displayed. The ability to activate applications on the mobile device based on genomic information, as well as use of geolocation information in conjunction with the genomic information, are also included among the patent's claims, according to the news release.