Forge Therapeutics Inc., a biotechnology startup in San Diego, announced Tuesday that it has entered into a pilot study with Janssen Research & Development LLC.

The study will investigate the Forge Therapeutics chemistry platform in the discovery of novel metalloprotein inhibitors. Forge Therapeutics will receive funding support from Janssen Research & Development, according to a recent news release.

"At Forge Therapeutics we are excited to investigate the potential of targeting metalloproteins, which make up over one-third of the proteins in our body, to develop a new and novel class of small molecule inhibitors to treat a wide range of diseases," said Zachary A. Zimmerman, CEO at Forge Therapeutics. "We kicked-off operations earlier this year in JLABS and within a few months we are entering into a pilot study with JRD to investigate our metalloprotein chemistry, and we believe large pharmaceutical companies can benefit from Forge's approach and platform to bring novel chemistry to validated biological targets."