Senomyx Inc., a biotechnology company that makes flavor-enhancers, announced that it has commercialized its sweetener product Sweetmyx S617.

Senomyx has two partners on its Sweet Taste Program. PepsiCo has exclusive rights to use new flavor ingredients and natural high intensity sweeteners worldwide in nonalcoholic beverages, and Firmenich has rights to commercialize new flavor ingredients for food product categories and alcoholic beverages, with exclusive rights to use Sweetmyx S617 until March 2018.

Manzanita Sol and Mug Root Beer are registered trademarks of PepsiCo Inc.

"In August, Senomyx earned a commercial milestone from PepsiCo for the first sale of a concentrate using Sweetmyx S617," said John Poyhonen, president and CEO of Senomyx. "Reformulated concentrates will be used in Manzanita Sol nationally and Mug Root Beer in two United States test markets. We are looking forward to receiving feedback on the market acceptance of these lower-calorie offerings.