San Diego-based AMN Healthcare Services Inc., a national provider of health care staffing services, announced the establishment of the Center for Professional Advancement to train the future health care workforce for rapidly changing roles at hospitals and health systems.

The center represents the first comprehensive effort to supply a new generation of quality workers for jobs created by the ongoing health care transformation.

Pressures from the Affordable Care Act, new technologies, new models of care, cost-containment measures and retiring baby boomers have resulted in new and emerging health care jobs.

The Center for Professional Advancement will train workers for these and other high-demand roles, while also offering a wide range of professional education opportunities and supporting research into health care workforce supply and demand challenges.

"The demand for new types of health care professionals is changing before our eyes ─ job boards are full of positions that didn't exist just a few years ago," said Susan Salka, president and CEO of AMN Healthcare (NYSE: AHS). "The AMN Center for Professional Advancement will help ensure that hospitals and health systems will have the right types of quality workers they need in order to provide excellence in patient care, both now and in the future."

The center will establish partnerships with health care providers to create training programs customized for the workforce supply needs of each provider. Through training existing clinical workers with new skills, the center targets the specific current and future workforce needs of health care companies. These needs may include coping with a shortage of emergency department services, labor and delivery clinicians, or filling new and emerging roles such as care coordinators, transition managers, documentation specialists and informaticists.

The center will work with professional organizations to provide education, mentorship, assessment, certification and placement.

"Our main objective today is providing highly competent people to staff the person-centered care models that are expanding throughout the health care continuum," said Brenda Fischer, vice president of education and professional advancement and leader of the center. "As our national health care system changes, health care leaders and managers are finding themselves in need of qualified workers whose skills sets are not being taught in traditional training programs. The Center for Professional Advancement is the first program to fill this much-needed role."

More information on the center and emerging health care jobs will be available at the Healthcare Workforce Summit on Nov. 5-7, 2014, in Washington, D.C.