My Perfect Pet, an all-natural dog food company, announced its move to a production facility 10 times larger than the current location and a new distributor to meet a growing national demand.

My Perfect Pet recently brought on Supreme Pet as a new distributor, adding distribution to Texas and Louisiana. The pet food blends are now available in 22 states nationwide. The company said it will be working with additional distributors to make My Perfect Pet available in retail stores in all 50 states within the next quarter.

“As pet owners ourselves, we are committed to making the healthiest and most nutritious food possible to ensure a longer and healthier life for our pets,” says Karen Scoggins, who founded the company with her husband, Tom. “After losing our dog to what we learned was contaminated pet food, we felt the only way we could know with absolute confidence what was in the food we were feeding our dogs was to make it ourselves using fresh, real food that was perfectly balanced and easily digestible. We are so happy to continue to share that confidence with pet owners by making My Perfect Pet available in retail stores and online in all 50 states.”

My Perfect Pet’s distribution has increased 10-fold since the beginning of 2014, the company said. The new 13,000-square-foot facility, located at 11870 Community Road in Poway, will allow the company to meet the increase in demand and distribution while giving My Perfect Pet the ability to ensure 100 percent control in all aspects of the production process.

The new facility will have the same open-door policy as the current facility. Guests are invited to observe the production process and bring their dogs to taste the day’s blend.