Stepping up California’s preparedness to treat Ebola patients, state public health authorities on Friday officially designated five University of California hospital systems as “priority” hospitals statewide, including UC San Diego Medical Center–Hillcrest.

“The designation of UC San Diego Medical Center Hillcrest, and its four sister UC hospitals, recognizes and reaffirms the UC San Diego Health System commitment to caring for those in need and our unique ability to provide highly specialized, complex care,” said Paul Viviano, chief executive officer of UC San Diego Health System in an email to healthy system advisors and board members. “UC San Diego Health System is proud and willing to accept responsibility for caring for any potential patients in the region who may be infected with the Ebola virus.”

The designation singles out UC medical facilities as being best-prepared to handle treatment, isolation, and safe disposal of hazardous medical waste. The five facilities also have the most comprehensive protocols in place to best protect health care workers from spread of the virus.

California Public Health Department officials emphasized that there are no known cases of Ebola in the state.

The five UC medical centers are UC Davis, UC San Francisco, UC Irvine, UCLA and UC San Diego.