The Better Business Bureau is planning to bring its services to Mexico.

Bernardo Altamirano Rodríguez, former consumer protection federal attorney in Mexico, is heading a team of experts in market relationships, competition, regulation and marketplace analysis, and has begun recruiting well-known businesses in México to support the effort to launch Buró de Mejores Practicas Comerciales this summer, according to the BBB.

Buró de Mejores Practicas Comerciales S.C. recently signed an agreement with the Council of Better Business Bureaus, the umbrella organization for the BBB system, to begin organizing a chapter, according to the BBB. This followed unanimous approval of the new organization’s business plan by the Council of BBBs’ board of directors in September, when leaders welcomed Altamirano and his team to the International Assembly of BBBs.

“The BBB model encourages all businesses to apply best practice standards, since customer experiences are a significant basis for BBB business reviews,” Altamirano said. “The BBB model encourages all businesses to aspire to satisfy consumers as a key part of the business effort to attract new customers. Over the last 20 years, the Mexican marketplace has made great strides in competitiveness and productivity, but the improvement is not universally evident throughout Mexico. A strong Mexican BBB can be a catalyst to expand and quicken the improvements.”

The BBB said it offers services to businesses and consumers by creating a community of trustworthy businesses through accreditation, setting standards for marketplace trust, supporting best practices, celebrating marketplace role models and denouncing substandard behavior. The BBB also provides extensive information to consumers, and warns about scams and frauds.