San Diego Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister announced that his office is holding about $409,000 in nearly 1,800 accounts that he’s trying to return to folks who have overpaid on their property taxes or have refunds coming to them.

“We have a larger number of funds available to claim this year,” McAllister said. “Our goal in the next several weeks is to find the rightful owners.”

To determine if you’re among those folks, visit

Final written notices were sent to the last known mailing address. The county office has received returned notices and some checks haven’t been cashed, McAllister said.

If the rightful parties don’t claim the funds by Sept. 8, the funds will be “escheated” to the county’s general fund.

Of the funds now in county hands, some $281,000 are property tax refunds, and additional $128,000 from various county departments that consumers have had business dealings with over the past four years, the department said.

The lowest amount to be claimed is $10, and the highest is $8,750.