The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan will leave its home port in Coronado for a new home port in Japan, the U.S. Navy announced on Jan. 14.

In its place, the Navy will send the carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt from Norfolk, Va., to a new home port in Coronado.

The Navy said it was not yet announcing a firm date for the transfer. At least one published report said the transfer will happen in 2015.

The Reagan is expected to take the place of the Japan-based USS George Washington, which is scheduled to go into the shipyard for an overhaul and nuclear refueling.

Coronado is home to two aircraft carriers. Unaffected by the moves is the USS Carl Vinson.

Each carrier brings a crew of 3,100 to live in the region, and each is responsible for $246 million in annual direct spending, according to the San Diego Military Advisory Council.