Bright Light Management, a San Diego venture management fund, aimed at helping early-stage companies, recently announced its launch.

The business is led by Jeff Belk, a former executive at Qualcomm Inc., and has lined up Our Crowd, a venture capital/crowdfunding platform, in a partner role.

“Together, the two firms will bring new source of equity funding for San Diego entrepreneurs to build and scale their companies,” said a news announcement on the business’ launch.

Our Crowd, led by Jon Medved, has previously led or co-invested with other VCs in 33 startups and has 4,000 accredited investor members from 52 countries, including 150 living in San Diego, the companies said.

Dave Titus, executive director of the San Diego Venture Group, said “Having an equity crowdfunding platform active in San Diego will give the community a big boost in getting more accredited investors in San Diego involved in the venture area and potentially investing in exciting San Diego companies.”

Belk has also launched Velocity Growth, a new crowdfunding as a service company.

The business is aimed at startup founders who are seeking capital and considering doing so via established crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter or Indigogo.

Velocity Growth said the platform offers entrepreneurs cloud services and applications as they prepare to raise money for their businesses.

“Potential entrepreneurs are everywhere, but they may not have the skills or networks for the tools, resources, or funding to get their ideas moving. That’s where Velocity Growth comes in,” said Andy Abramson, chief strategy officer for Velocity Growth.