Qualcomm and Technicolor are working together to send content to televisions using a technology usually associated with wireless phones.

The two said they have produced a set-top box that uses the 4G LTE wireless standard. The new set-top box goes by the name Svelte, short for Stimulating Video Experience Over LTE.

Qualcomm (Nasdaq: QCOM) says the Svelte product will deliver “true triple-play” service — taking in television, high-speed Internet and telephone — over the cellular network.

The business partners said the Svelte portable media center will provide novel user experiences on television sets, including console-quality gaming.

The set-top box uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor — a high-end product in the Snapdragon chip family but quite not top-of-the-line. The electronics will use Google’s Android operating system.

Technicolor (NYSE Euronext Paris: TCE) is contributing its set-top box software assets.

— SDBJ Staff Report