Mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher still works for Qualcomm Inc., but his boss, CEO Paul Jacobs, says he is better suited for another job.

Jacobs endorsed Fletcher for mayor in a campaign letter he sent out recently. Fletcher took a job in November with Qualcomm as its senior director of corporate development.

“There is no political leader in our state who better understands the needs of the innovation economy than Nathan,” Jacobs said in the letter.

Jacobs and his dad, Irwin Jacobs, were big contributors to Fletcher’s mayoral campaign last year in which he finished third behind Carl DeMaio and eventual winner, Bob Filner.

After Fletcher failed to receive the Republican Party endorsement in the 2012 mayoral campaign, he first declared he was an independent, and later switched to become a member of the Democrat Party.

“Some people will reasonably ask about his party switch,” Jacobs said in the letter. “Personally, I think it is great. I am a pro-jobs Democrat and so is Nathan.”

— Mike Allen