It’s official: Qualcomm Inc. is getting into the smart watch business.

CEO Paul Jacobs introduced the Toq, pronounced “talk,” by showing off his wrist during his keynote speech at the company’s Uplinq developer conference in San Diego on Sept. 4.

Qualcomm (Nasdaq: QCOM) said its new product will debut in the fourth quarter.

The company describes the watch as a second screen for Android mobile phones. With it, Qualcomm says, wearers will be able to manage smartphone calls, text messages, meeting reminders and various notifications from their wrist.

In mid-July, the Business Journal reported on rumors of a Qualcomm smart watch, and the growing popularity of smart watches in general. Qualcomm joins companies such as Pebble, Samsung and Sony in bringing smart watches to market. Many other companies are reportedly ready to jump into the market.

The Toq features Qualcomm’s own Mirasol display technology, which is always on. Mirasol is a reflective technology and therefore doesn’t use much power. Qualcomm says the watch will need recharging every few days, and that users can charge the watch wirelessly.

Among the product’s many features is stereo audio. The Toq will send signals to wireless headphones via Bluetooth radio technology.

— SDBJ Staff Report