A Solana Beach company is adding some flair and novelty to a just-opened restaurant on the Atlantic coast.

Energy Kitchen Inc. said the staff at its new Coral Gables, Fla. restaurant will deliver food with elliptical bicycles from ElliptiGO Inc.

ElliptiGO produces a bicycle where the rider stands up. The user powers the vehicle with a motion similar to that of an elliptical training machine.

Bryan Pate, co-founder and co-president of ElliptiGO, said the company parted with three bicycles at a reduced price. “We look at it almost as a marketing investment,” Pate said, since ElliptiGO is trying to boost awareness of its product. He said delivery staff will be riding the bicycles in the Miami area for several hours, seven days a week.

The restaurant initially approached ElliptiGO on the sale. Pate said the customer was looking for a way to distinguish itself.

ElliptiGO has sold 7,000 bicycles since 2010, Pate said. The company has had a 60 percent compound annual growth rate through 2012, he reported, and expects to grow 50 percent this year. The business has 14 employees. It outsources its manufacturing to Taiwan.

Energy Kitchen is based in New York. The fast-casual chain offers what it calls health-conscious meal options. All menu items have less than 500 calories.

— Brad Graves