San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister says his office has about $300,000 in unclaimed cash he wants to return to its rightful owners. He’s notifying those who may among the group to claim the money by Sept. 23 or it will revert to the county.

The majority of the money, some $156,000, comes from funds held by various county departments where consumers overpaid for certain services. Another $130,000 is unclaimed property tax refunds, the office said.

In all, there are 1,288 accounts that range in size from $10 to $9,109 for an entity called Valley Center Investment LLC.

State law gives the county the power to take or escheat any unclaimed countywide funds of more than three years, and any property tax refunds unclaimed for more than four years. The county tries to contact the owners through given addresses and phone numbers, but many notices are returned and checks haven’t been cashed, the office said.

To figure if you’re one of those leaving money on the table, go to, and click on Unclaimed Monies list.

— SDBJ Staff Report