Lindbergh Field’s $1 billion Green Build expansion and renovation at Terminal 2, which will be officially completed Aug. 13, benefited not only the major contractors, but hundreds of local and smaller businesses used as subcontractors, says the San Diego Country Regional Airport Authority.

The agency that manages the airport said local businesses won a total of $415 million in contracts including about $118 million that were awarded to small businesses.

In all, some 7,000 workers had a role in the project that began in 2009. At peak construction, there were about 1,000 workers at the site at any given day, the agency said.

Thella Bowens, CEO for the airport authority, said the small business outreach program fed millions of dollars back into the local economy. The authority’s board made a strong commitment to supporting small and local businesses and will continue these efforts as the agency goes forward with other construction projects, she said.

With the work nearly finished at Terminal 2, the airport authority is shifting its sights to the northern area where it plans to build a rental car facility and several roadway projects.

— SDBJ Staff Report