As the wireless communications community gathered at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, this week, Qualcomm Inc. announced a partnership with Deutsche Telekom to speed the world toward an “Internet of Everything.”

Qualcomm and Deutsche Telekom plan to create a development platform for software writers to create machine-based computers that communicate with other machine-based computers. The platform would use Oracle Corp.’s Java programming language. Developers could use the platform — which uses Qualcomm’s Gobi QSC6270 chip — to create prototype M2M devices, then build and launch them.

Deutsche Telekom plans to ship the development platforms by the second quarter.

Also in Barcelona, Qualcomm officials spread the word about AllJoyn, the company’s open source software which would offer device-to-device communication — even if the devices came from different vendors or used different operating systems. Communication is direct; there is no need for an intermediate server. Qualcomm describes AllJoyn as a “proximal networking software framework.”

Qualcomm said it was adding new features to AllJoyn, such as audio streaming, and that they would be available by May.

— SDBJ Staff Report