Three San Diego-based public companies made this year’s Fortune Magazine Fastest Growing Companies list revealed in this month’s issue.

They are Bridgepoint Education, a provider of online college courses, at No. 16; Cymer Inc., a maker of laser equipment used to make semiconductors, at No. 68; and Encore Capital Group, a collector of defaulted credit card debt, at No. 90.

To be eligible for the list, the publicly traded companies must have met certain criteria including having a market capitalization of at least $250 million, annual revenue and net income of at least $50 million and $10 million respectively for the four quarters ended before April 30, and have annualized growth in both revenue and earnings per share over three years of at least 20 percent.

In terms of revenue growth alone, Bridgepoint increased by 57 percent; Encore, by 23 percent; and Cymer by 21 percent.