The Active Network Inc., the San Diego based provider of online registration and technology services, is chasing the mob.

The publicly traded company said June 20 it launched a new portal called Mob that taps into a trend in mass participatory sporting events such as mud runs, obstacle and paint runs, even fire jumping.

The company said folks interested in such competitions can access information such as training tips, developing a costume, and profiles of mob race directors, as well as user-generated content at its site,

“Mob events represent a new genre of social sporting events that illustrates perfectly the gamified culture we live in today,” said Eric McCue, Active Network’s general manager of sports. “Moving well beyond traditional racing competitions like running, cycling, triathlons and even 5Ks, they appeal to a much wider audience comprised of both competitive, thrill-seeking athletes as well as participants just looking to do something fun with their friends.”

The company gave no information about what it invested in launching the site, or what it hopes to generate in new business.

Active, which went public about a year ago, forecast earlier in the year that it expects to generate between $425 million and $435 million in revenue this year, but will incur a net loss between $30 million to $39 million.