San Diego County auto dealerships saw revenue in 2011 reach a record of nearly $7 billion, rising 12 percent from the prior year, according to the local trade group New Car Dealers Association San Diego County.

The figures, encompassing sales of new and used vehicles, parts and services, were included in the association’s annual economic impact report, released June 7.

Unit sales of new and used vehicles rose 7.5 percent, to a total of 196,875. The 120,750 new vehicles sold marked a 10.7 percent improvement over 2010.

“It is clear that dealership sales in 2011 continued the momentum achieved in 2010 and highlights the remarkable financial impact our franchised new car dealers have on the San Diego community,” said Dean Mansfield, president of the local dealers association, in a statement.

The report noted that payroll at local dealerships, and the number of full-time employees, each rose 5 percent during the past year.

Last year, San Diego County dealers paid $565 million in payroll and employed 12,180 full-time and part-time employees. Dealers spent $75 million on local advertising and $160 million for products and services from other California businesses, the report said.

The dealership group includes more than 100 new car dealers who represent more than 40 domestic and international brands.