The June 5 primary election produced wins for business interests near and far.

In San Diego, the election cut the mayor’s race down to two candidates. Unofficial results showed Republican Carl DeMaio as the top vote getter, with 55,120 votes, or 32.1 percent. Democrat Bob Filner received 51,680 votes, or 30.1 percent. The two will face each other in the fall.

Third place in the mayor’s race went to Nathan Fletcher, who ran as an independent candidate; Fletcher received 41,157 votes or 24 percent. Republican Bonnie Dumanis received 22,488 votes or 13.1 percent.

City of San Diego voters approved Proposition A, which prohibits the city from requiring project labor agreements on city construction projects. The measure passed with 58.2 percent of the vote.

Proposition B, which made several changes to the city pension plan, including giving city workers a 401(k)-style retirement plan rather than the traditional plan, passed with the approval of 66.2 percent of San Diego voters.

In the closely watched Wisconsin recall race, Gov. Scott Walker retained his seat with 53.2 percent of the vote. His challenger, Democrat Tom Barrett, received 46.3 percent. Walker supported and signed legislation that prohibited requiring state employees to be dues-paying union members, and unions gathered enough signatures to force the recall election.

— Brad Graves