If you think this summer is hotter than most, you would be correct.

According to EarthRisk Technologies, a San Diego-based weather analytics company, for June and July, the Midwest and the eastern part of the country experienced the most extreme heat since 1948.

EarthRisk was analyzing a region from Chicago to Boston, and south to Charlotte, N.C. and west to Little Rock, Ark., and said the two summer months were 10 percent hotter than the prior record set in 1988.

And when comparing the heat index of 2011 to this year, there’s a marked difference, with this summer’s index 36 percent hotter than last year, said EarthRisk.

Conversely, another measure that the firm compiles, called a cold risk, found that the June-and-July period was the fourth lowest on record.

EarthRisk’s software crunches 60 years of weather data to formulate the odds of cold snaps and heat waves 40 days in advance, a lead time that is twice as long as any in the industry, company officials said. The company’s services are used by trading groups, power producers and energy traders on four continents.