The San Diego County Employees Retirement Association said its $8.6 billion pension fund’s annual return for the fiscal year ended June 30 was 6.42 percent.

The fund beat 95 percent of all public pension funds with assets above $1 billion, according to the Trust Universe Comparison Service, the county retirement fund said.

It was also in the top 5 percent of all funds for one, two and three year periods, with a portfolio of lower than median risk, SDCERA said.

CEO Brian White said over 25 years, the pension fund has gained an annual 9.2 percent.

Over 10 years, the fund turned in an average return of 8.3 percent, which exceeded an assumed rate of 8 percent the pension fund’s board of retirement set. The return also surpassed the median pension fund’s annual return of 6.63 percent, according to TUCS.

The county’s pension fund provides payments and benefits for nearly 37,000 active, deferred and retired members.