Broad Appeal

“We have experienced such an increase in students due to the introduction of our nondegree programs including Business Fundamentals and Skills (BFS) and TESOL,” said Susi Goodman, director of student affairs and College of Lifelong Learning. “Our short-term, nondegree certificate programs appeal to any student from a variety of disciplines, from science and technology to arts and humanities.”

Goodman added that the university’s certificate programs also prepare students for a bachelor’s in Management, MBAs, and DBAs — should students want to pursue these in the future.

The Universities

The 23 universities reporting to the journal this year have 120,241 full-time students and 86,487 part-time students enrolled in of the spring of 2012.

The rising costs of tuition combined with cutbacks by the state of California are issues facing all of the institutions on the list as well as the students who attend them. However, among the four-year public universities on the list, tuition for residents of California seems to be worth it considering the long-term benefit of a post-secondary education to an individual’s earning potential.

The lowest resident tuition fees are unmistakably at the four year public institutions.

The tuition for No. 1 ranked San Diego State University and No. 10 ranked Cal State University San Marcos is just under $6,600 a year.

No. 2 ranked UC San Diego’s resident tuition is just over $13,000 as compared with the private four-year institution No. 11 ranked University of San Diego at $38,150 a year.