Legend3D Inc., the Carmel Valley business that converts two dimensional films to three dimensional, said April 2 it relocated its Los Angeles office to Bungalow A at Hollywood Center Studios.

The bungalow has a rich history in the film industry, with its first tenant being legendary comedian and filmmaker, Harold Lloyd, who did some 3-D moviemaking in the 1920s at the site.

Barry Sandrew, Legend3D’s chief executive, said the company opened at the bungalow to be closer to its clients and to provide them with more access to his company’s team of skilled artists.

Later in the year, Legend3D’s new office will feature screening rooms that will allow clients, which are major film production companies, to view the converted movies.

In addition to the Los Angeles bungalow and its headquarters in Carmel Valley, Legend3D also operates a production site in India.