San Diego’s high-technology companies numbered 6,023 as of the end of last year, and accounted for an economic impact of $41.5 billion, according to a report issued Oct. 11 by the National University System Institute for Policy Research.

In terms of employment, high-tech, which includes biotech and life sciences, has done remarkably well during the Great Recession years and still makes up 11.2 percent of the region’s total workforce. That’s nearly the same percentage as in 1990, the study said. The report did not provide the number of local high-tech companies and their economic impact from a year earlier.

A total of 138,758 workers are employed at the high-tech companies, but that’s down from 141,313 in 2008.

The average wage within the sector is $93,800. That’s 86 percent above the average salary — $50,500 — for all workers in San Diego. Take out the high-tech salaries from the equation, and the average wage drops to $45,000, the NUSIPR study found.

The National University System Institute for Policy Research is a nonprofit research organization based in San Diego.

— Mike Allen