Legend3D Inc., the Carmel Valley-based three-dimensional film conversion studio, said it had to lay off 60 employees recently because of the lull in summer work in Hollywood.

“This happens just about every year, and things shut down for the summer because there’s practically no production,” said CEO Barry Sandrew.

Following the job cuts, the studio that had been expanding rapidly for much of this year has 360 employees. It also has 650 employees in Patna, India.

Sandrew said the business is finishing up work on “one of the biggest movies of this year” and another one, plus doing some catalog work.

“We’ve got some new projects in the fall, but I can’t talk about the number or the titles,” he said.

Legend 3D grew from about 40 employees in 2010 to more than 400 earlier this year, as more movies were shot in 3-D, and contained 3-D sequences. Among the more popular movies Legend3D has worked on are three “Shrek” movies and “Alice in Wonderland.”

The business was founded in 2001 to convert old black and white movies to color, but has gained traction with the growing popularity of 3-D movies.

— Mike Allen