The Port of San Diego is looking at developing a renewable energy facility in National City. The topic is scheduled to be discussed at port commissioners’ monthly meeting Dec. 13.

A Dec. 8 port district statement said several renewable energy developers have approached the Port of San Diego about establishing alternative energy facilities on public land which is administered by the district. Port commissioners will consider a staff recommendation to solicit formal development proposals for property on Tidelands Avenue in National City, between Civic Center Drive and Bay Marina Drive.

The area currently is dominated by industrial maritime uses, the statement said.

A proposal submitted to port officials in May 2010 called for a two-acre facility that would produce synthetic natural gas — also known as biogas — from municipal garbage recycling residue.

The idea was presented in October of this year to the port’s Environmental and Maritime Advisory committees, which referred it to the Board of Port Commissioners.

— Lou Hirsh